Family Law

Emotions run high when there are family legal challenges. Whether these issues pertain to divorce, child custody, abuse, or a child is in legal trouble, you need an attorney who has experience with these matters. We handle a broad range of family legal issues and you can count on us to be ready for anything.

Family Law

Divorce and Child Custody

When divorces are amicable, it is often easier to handle major issues such as property division, and child custody matters. However, in too many cases, these are the major hurdles facing couples who have decided on divorce. Whether you are considering filing for divorce, or your spouse has indicated they intend to file for divorce, you need an attorney to represent your interests. Whether you are agreeable or not, having an attorney representing you is important.

Property division, child support, and spousal support may be difficult matters to resolve during the divorce process. However, they often pale in comparison to the challenges of dealing with child custody. Both parents often believe they know what is best for their children, and they will argue tirelessly to make their point. In a best-case scenario, parents can work out a custody arrangement that is acceptable to the court with appropriate visitation to the non-custodial parent. Otherwise, the courts will be left to make this determination.

Child Support Modification and Enforcement

When a parent is ordered to pay child support, the receiving parent may have reason to request a higher amount, or the paying parent may request to pay a smaller amount. There are – cases where a modification is appropriate because a party can show a substantial change in their circumstances, like an involuntary job loss.

In some instances, the custodial parent is not receiving court-ordered child support payments. This will require you to seek the assistance of an attorney to file a contempt of court charge to request the court get involved in forcing payments. We can help you with these petitions to the court.

Juvenile Law Practice

When your minor child is facing legal matters because they were drinking, skipping school, or is charged with drug possession, you need a skilled attorney to help navigate the juvenile justice system. Contact our offices immediately and we can get to work to try to reduce the charges, or have them dropped.

Abuse and Neglect Petitions

If you are concerned about the safety, or well-being of a child, you have an obligation to the child. However, parents who have been informed about a complaint often find their lives turned upside down. We provide guidance, and legal help through the process of dealing with child services, and the various court proceedings you will be facing.

If you are facing any matters that require you to be involved in the Family Court system contact The Law Office of David C. Tencza at our Nashua, NH office. We provide family law services all across New Hampshire as well as in central, and eastern Massachusetts.